Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Nanny/Mom/Sonia

Tonight Wayne, Charlotte and I gathered over at his mom’s house for her special birthday dinner celebration. Wayne’s sister, Gwen, and her boyfriend, Kelvin, were also able to be there with us. For this special occasion I made my first whole chicken and Gwen, well, she did EVERYTHING else. Everyone seemed to enjoy the dinner and I have to say I am proud of my first efforts at cooking a whole chicken. It was not as scary as I was expecting and if the reviews are anything to go by this is something I should do again soon. Like I said Gwen provided the rest of the meal including desert which was SO delicious!

After dinner we all took turns playing with Charlotte on the floor. Nanny has a special stash of toys for Charlotte; she is such a lucky girl! Anyway, Charlotte provided a lot of entertainment with her drum toy and “talking”.

We were a little concerned about a rash we started to see on Charlotte but after consulting my sister, Sancha, and the internet we concluded it must have been a heat rash – no big deal. I have to say Wayne and I were quite released that Charlotte was not coming down with something!

Happy Birthday Mom/Sonia/Nanny, we hope this is your best year EVER!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Feast: Slide Show

Thanksgiving Feast

Wayne, Charlotte and I spent Thanksgiving with my family this year at my Dad and Leigh’s house. And what a FULL house it was, I think we ended up with thirteen adults, three half pints, one cat and one dog! (Marg, Bill, Dad, Leigh, Mom, Sancha, Erik, Wayne, Tyler, Cameron, Kate, Pat, Jake, Brennan and ME) With so many people I took a lot of pictures so enjoy the slideshow!

Everyone chipped in with the food, although Dad and Leigh really carried most of the burden – can you imagine two full turkeys, one large turkey breast, mash potatoes, green beans, cheesy broccoli, squash casserole, bread stuffing, cornbread dressing, sausage dressing, cranberry relish, cranberry jelly, dinner rolls, relish plate, pear cake, key lime pies, cranberry bunt cake and of course two kinds of gravy. I THINK that’s everything, all made from scratch. That’s the kind of massive Thanksgiving you have to put together if you want to feed so many hungry adults AND have leftovers! This year I cooked an 11 pound turkey and my mother’s stuffing – my first attempt at both (no pressure) and although they needed a little more time in the oven – and made us a little late to the gathering – I think they turned out pretty well! It’s a long standing joke in my family that “Erin brings the corn” so I really wanted to prove that I could do more than open a can! Anyway it was great to have so many of us together this year – with all six of us kids spread out all over the state and east coast – who knows how often that will be the case. Although my brother Cameron has been in town for almost a week (we have a few more days with him) Tyler was only able to get away from work for two days and so we needed to make the most of his visit. He was so sweet with Charlotte and I was able to get quite a few good pictures of them together. It’s been eight months since his last visit and I remember how small she was in his arms then – she has changed so much since then. I had a lot of fun “coaching” Tyler on how to feed Charlotte. Not that he was doing a bad job BUT you have to move REAL quick to get her fed before she rips off her bib! Tyler also brought a really delicious red wine from his restaurant – need to ask him the name again – I am not normally a huge fan of red wine so this was a real treat to add to our meal.

It’s such a whirlwind to have everyone together, someone is always cleaning up something, someone pouring wine and getting drinks, other people are assigned to finding, feeding or entertaining half pints, someone is playing with Fin (the dog), people watching the games, or enjoying each other on the deck. Although these gatherings are so fun, at the end I wish we had more time with everyone. I really cherish the opportunity to be with family and just share in the spirit of the season.


Ps – This is a funny video of Leigh (my step mom) with my nephew Brennan (14 months old). I got just the tail end of their game but Leigh would shake her head and then Brennan would shake his head they went back and forth for awhile – too cute! We were all laughing at his mimic skills.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our wonderful family and friends!

Valyn and Raimi dressed up just to wish you a Happy Turkey Day,
they are hoping you will save them some turkey...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy 9 Month Birthday Charlotte

Charlotte At 9 Months

Charlotte Morgan Chambers At 9 Months Old

* Nick Name: Charlotte Bunny
* Eye Color: Grayish Hazel
* Words She Can Say: Really Da-Da is the only real thing she says and although she has been saying that for a few months it’s becoming less and less indiscriminate.
* Favorite Song: She likes to hear any kind of music and shakes her head to “dance”. Daddy hums video game theme songs to her, puts her right to sleep! Mommy is still trying to remember the words to all the popular baby songs but also sings Charlotte songs from the 50’s.
* Favorite Game: “I’m Gonna Get You” which is our version of warning her that the tickle fest is about to begin. She also likes Peek-A-Boo and over the last three months has gotten so good at this that when you put the blanket over her head she pulls it off SO FAST it’s hard to get “Where is Charlotte?” out before she has the blanket off so we don’t play this as much now.
* Firsts This Month: Crawling REALLY fast, throwing things, creeping
* Smiles When: Someone sneezes, you tickle her, she is happy - on the spot if she sees Mommy, Daddy, Nanny or Grandma.
* Favorite Activity: Eating the remote, Erin’s phone, Wayne’s glasses, etc. and taking off her bib.
* Size Clothing: Charlotte is wearing mostly twelve month size clothes. As per usual with Charlotte we find that the torso length is a better fit in the next size up. Pant size is now the same as the rest of her clothes (before she was running one size smaller in pants).
* Sleep Schedule: We can tell that Charlotte is in a transitional stage or is it teething? Either way she changes her “schedule” for naps everyday…luckily the overnights are still solid. She is starting to stay up a little later but stays asleep once we put her down. Luckily she wakes up happy – rarely cries right off – and will play in her crib for at least an hour before she decides it’s time to get out of her wet diaper!
* Doesn’t Like: To be “stuck” anywhere that keeps her from exploring we are starting to see the first signs of her getting upset when you take a toy away from her or don’t let her go somewhere she wants to be – aka block her from trying to eat our shoes. What DOES she see in flip flops?
* Cries When: She is tired, hungry, wants her ducky, or her teeth hurt
* Must Have Travel Item: Duck lovie blanket
* Eating: Mostly stage three baby foods. She is up to three “solid food” meals a day (usually one and a half jars each meal). Charlotte is starting to lose interest in her formula, down to about three eight ounce bottles each day, which we have to encourage her to eat. At least she has mastered holding her bottle and feeding herself! However, if you just give it to her and walk away she will get distracted and “forget” to finish eating.

Welcome Chloe Izumi Krensle

Chloe Izumi Krensle
8 pounds
20.5 inches
at 5:30p

Our friends Trevor and Meredith had their baby girl today! Look at these pictures – what a sweet little lima bean. We are so happy for them and glad momma and baby are doing well. Being born today makes little Chloe exactly nine months younger than Charlotte!

Welcome to parenthood guys – you are gonna love it as soon as you start sleeping and showering again. :)

New Family Photos

These are some pictures we had taken recently, enjoy!

Nine Month Stat Charts

Here are Charlotte’s nine month stat charts. I love being able to illustrate this info for everyone, thanks again for the idea and link Maite! With this chart it is easier to see that for weight she was born in the 94th percentile but at nine months she dropped (again) and is now in the 67th percentile. In length she has gone from the 77th percentile at birth to the 92nd percentile at nine months, just a little lower from her six month measurements. She continues to be a very tall and skinny little girl.

Nine Month Doctor’s Appointment

Charlotte had her nine month “well” visit today. Wayne and I just barely got there on time and the whole ride there he was actually on a business phone conference – thank God for mute.

Anyway, Dr. Fisk said that she looked great and that she was “advanced” with some of her skills – particularly her mobility. She received two shots and a toe prick to check her iron count – all fine. Charlotte did squirm during her shots but no crying or even one single tear! Hurray!

We don’t go back for another “well” visit until her twelve month appointment in February – seems so far away. Can’t even imagine what new tricks she will have learned by then.

Weight: 19 pounds, 9.5 ounces (67th percentile)
Height: 28 3/4 inches (92th percentile)
Head Circumference:
17 1/2 inches (50th percentile)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Charlotte's Surprise

Today Charlotte received a surprise in the mail. Her friend Amelia sent her a gift from her trip to Thailand. Here are some pictures of Charlotte eating, I mean opening, her gift. She was so funny – when I brought the package to her she just clapped and clapped her hands. As soon as she got the gift in her hands she just wanted to taste the paper and then rip it apart. Thank you Monica and Amelia for thinking of Charlotte while you were off on your trip, how sweet of you. We really enjoyed the photos of your trip and are glad you are home safe.

Charlotte's Thanksgiving Dress

Tonight I finally
finished Charlotte’s Thanksgiving dress! This project was inspired by my friend, Cyndi, she made a similar dress (although not Thanksgiving themed) for her daughter, Daisy. Her dress turned out so ADORABLE and got me thinking. Because I decided not to use a pattern or really measure much (just kinda held up a similar outfit Charlotte is fitting into right now, which I thought would make it easier than using a pattern) things were a little more hectic then they really had to be. Anyway it was fun and now that I have it finished, I think I will try to make her more – should be a little easier the second time around! Maybe one for Charlotte’s first birthday?!? This is meant to be worn as a dress over an onesie but if Charlotte continues to be tall and lean she may be able to wear it again next year as a shirt!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Family Lunch

This afternoon we all decided to grab a quick lunch together, what a great opportunity with my little brother in town. Mom and I “take lunch” about four times a year and so I didn’t feel bad closing the office for an hour. Check out the CRAZY amount of food on this poor little table – four adults and three children were trying to eat all at once. We spent most of our time keeping Jake out of the play area so that he would finish his lunch first. Once he did her was like a monkey on that thing – all over the place. Please note the adorable look on Brennan, my nephews, face – Oh, and the “I CAN’T BELIEVE You Are Taking a Picture of This” look from my sister. Really her LOOK is the only reason I decided to Blog this at all. Being the family photo journalist is sometimes hard work! 

Hurray Cameron's In Town

My “littlest” brother Cameron flew in from Boston last night. I knew he was in Orlando, my Mom went to pick him up after all, but I had no idea he was going to surprise me with a visit to my office this morning. How sweet, do you think he wants something?

Anyway this was the first time they were able to meet and Charlotte’s reaction was just hilarious. She just studied him with a real serious look and anytime he went out of her eyesight she would lean really far over just to keep him in view. She let him hold her, not one to be afraid of new people. Bu it really did take a while for her to warm up to her smiley self.

Cameron was his usual funny self and got Charlotte laughing in no time. After a little while she started talking to him, smiling and dancing (bouncing and bopping her head) to the music of her toy. Dancing except when the video was on, of course!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Good Morning Grandma

Just a sweet picture of Charlotte with her Grandma this morning!

Lunch With The Girls

Today Charlotte and I “did lunch” with our friends Cyndi (mom), Daisy (baby), Sonya (mom) and Gabriella (baby). We had a really nice time and enjoyed watching the girls interact and share their snacks. Sonya was nice enough to share her latest creations with us, baby bows. They are SO ADORABLE and I really wanted to take more than one but did not want to seem greedy. Sonya, can I have another crack at them since I was so polite the first time around? Both Gabriella and Cyndi have lots of beautiful hair and so I thought it would be funny to TRY to stick all the cute bows in Charlotte’s “hair”. Strangely enough, it must be how Sonya made them; they stayed in her LITTLE BIT’O hair. These are some creative girls (Sonia made the bows and Cyndi inspired me to make a dress for Charlotte – more on that in a later post) and we even talked about making a Christmas craft after the Thanksgiving holiday. I hope we do – I have so much fun getting’ crafty! Charlotte tried a lima bean (thanks Cyndi) and some of my miso soup. She liked them both just fine. I missed getting a picture of cute Daisy, next time!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sweet Charlotte

Just a quick video of Charlotte looking out the sliding glass doors in our bedroom this morning.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Has It Really Been Eight Months?

Just took Charlotte and her Brennan cousins (Jake & Brennan) for some family pictures at Picture People. While reviewing the site I found this picture of Charlotte we had taken when she was just one month old! My little baby has grown so much – so FAST!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Charlotte’s Professional Photo

Here is the professional photo taken of Charlotte in October that I wrote about then. This was taken in the park under some huge oak trees on a very beautiful day. Charlotte really enjoyed getting a closer look at the grass and leaves – she was fascinated. We ordered more of the pictures so I will share them when they come in. Unfortunately, this scan doesn’t really do the original justice – it looks like a picture in a magazine!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

MBC Share Your Family Traditions

After our visit to the pediatrician for Charlotte’s second booster flu shot, we headed over to Mom Baby Connection for the Share Your Family Traditions class. We had a great time visiting with everyone and the class really got me thinking about what traditions Wayne and I might want to start or continue with Charlotte. Monica and Amelia are back from their trip to Thailand, they spent the month of October visiting family. I can’t believe how much Amelia has grown and now she can do all sorts of new things. I was also so glad to see my friend Julie and her daughter Hailey. They have been living between Orlando and Atlanta for the past few months so it’s been a while since we were able to visit with them. Hailey has grown SO much and is as sweet as ever! Can’t wait till they come back during the holidays.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Crazy Baby Hair

Wayne took this picture of Charlotte right after her bath. Poor kid, look at that crazy baby hair-don't!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I Need To Make A Call To Australia

“I need to make a call to Australia - Yes – Mommy will accept all charges!!!!”

The World Outside My Window

This afternoon I sat Charlotte in the chair in her room to look out the window while I put away some laundry. Well, Charlotte had other ideas – she started talking up as storm to the “outside world”. She was making so many funny faces I grabbed the camera to take a few pictures. I missed the funny faces but managed to get pictures of her checking me out! Just another funny afternoon with funny little Charlotte.

Rubber Ducky Bath Invasion

Got your attention right? Today I had one of those mornings with Charlotte where I decided almost as soon as she woke up that she needed a bath – you know what I mean. Anyway we gave away a lot of really neat treat bags for my seminar last week and one of the Trick-or Treat items was a rubber ducky in a Halloween costume. We had a pink princess, police officer, cowboy, doctor, Army ducky, nurse, Navy ducky, etc. They were so cute but many of the adults passed them over in favor of chocolate options, who could blame them? Anyway, we ended up with about twenty assorted mini rubber duckies in various cute costumes. This morning I just decided to dump them ALL in Charlotte’s bath – SHE LOVED IT! All the more duckies to chew on…

Friday, November 7, 2008

Play Date With Cousin Reid

Tonight we were able to meet up at Gwen’s (Wayne’s sister) house for dinner with Sonia (Wayne’s Mom), Elena (Wayne’s brother’s wife), Elena’s Mom, and little Reid (our nephew) – It was a FULL house. (Obviously they are my family too, I just wanted to make sure everyone knew where they fit in to our clan) We had such a great meal (thanks to Gwen and Sonia) and fun visit too. This is only the second time the cousins have seen each other and the last time they were only two and four months old. Obviously that previous visit was not as exciting then as they were only two and four months old at the time. We spent most of the night visiting with each other and watching the cousins interact – it was so cute.

As soon as we finished telling Elena how Charlotte did not like pacifiers right on cue, Charlotte took Reid’s pacifier and started sucking on it. Reid did not like that so I thought to be equitable I would give Reid Charlotte’s lovie. She did not like that and actually reached for it with so much force that she fell over and onto her back (still holding onto the corner throughout the fall)! We all thought this whole exchange was hilarious.

Here is some video of our all too short visit.