Saturday, April 30, 2011

I Spy…Charlotte Having Fun With Daddy

Tonight, after dinner, Charlotte wanted to play with her I Spy Bag.  She very energetically bounced back into the dining room and asked if we wanted to play with her – so sweet.  Wayne took up the challenge and it was Game On! 

The I Spy Bag is something Charlotte’s found in her Easter basket this year.  Wayne and I also have a much smaller version for the toddler {diapers no more, you know?} bag.  Anyway the fabric bag has a clear vinyl “window” so that you can manipulate the rice inside to find each hidden treasure/artifact.  They also have laminated cards attached that show you what mystery items to look for.  {Charlotte calls that “The Map” a la Dora The Explorer}  The I Spy Bag is a little like a treasure hunt and so far it has been hours worth of fun! 

Tonight, with the addition of a magnifying glass Wayne and Charlotte picked up last week the hunt was REALLY on!  I enjoyed watching them play (very serious explorers) with fits of giggles and an “Ohhhh, Man” every few minutes.

By the way – I know Charlotte’s expressions are so animated that it looks like these photos were staged….but they weren’t.  She was just having THAT good of a time with her Daddy!    

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Nonie Marg!

What's with that tongue?  :)

Charlotte started off wanting to make Nonie Marg a birthday card, how sweet!  Then half way through decided she just wanted to draw a picture and write her own words?!?  Charlotte says the picture SAYS “Happy Birthday!”  :)


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Charlotte Painting With Daddy

Tonight while I was fixing dinner Charlotte really wanted to paint and asked Wayne to paint with her.  They used these neat watercolor brush pens that have the paint right inside of them.  After you “paint” with the brush you can use water on a clean brush to dilute and move the paint around.  They had a blast and created MANY works of art in the thirty minutes or so it took me to get dinner on the table. 

It was so nice to watch and listen to them have fun together.  They talked about colors and on Wayne’s part a lot about NOT making a mess JUST for the fun of it.  But my favorite part was when Charlotte told Wayne:

“Good Job Daddy!  You did good on your art project, I like your colors!" 
How sweet is that little girl?!?