Monday, February 27, 2012

Charlotte’s Preschool Birthday Celebration

Charlotte was adorable at her school birthday celebration this morning, wearing her special Birthday shirt and hat.  Charlotte beamed when her classmates and teachers sang Happy Birthday to her.  As requested VERY specifically by Charlotte, I brought vanilla cupcakes with light blue icing (decorated with a mini gingerbread cookie crown – made last night) to school for her special treat and the kids were so cute eating them. 

Today they were working on the letter “M” and, so, had mini M&Ms that some of the kids used to decorate their cupcakes. 

Her classmates gobbled up the cupcakes and then set about playing with a little extra sugar induced oomph!  The girls and I sat at a table and made caterpillars and “invitations” to their imaginary party.  We had so much fun sharing supplies and making messy art. 

I put together little goodie boxes for the kids to enjoy – no, they didn’t NEED favors (don’t tell Wayne) – but you know I can’t resist.  Since Charlotte is all about Cinderella this year I went with light blue toys and candy.  I hope they enjoy them!

I was so glad to be able to see Charlotte celebrate her birthday with her classmates.  She sure had a great day!  Happy 4th Birthday Baby!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Jackson!

This afternoon the three of us headed out to help Jackson celebrate his 4th birthday! 

Jackson and Charlotte have been fast friends since their first preschool class together, two years ago!  They have a little love fest going on which I think is SUPER sweet and Wayne thinks is…


HA, HA!  No, really...either way it’s funny for me!

The party was SO much fun for kids and parents alike.  The kids spent more of their time in a HUGE Toy Story themed bounce house and somehow roped Wayne into playing with them too. 

Jackson’s Mom, Jeanetta, is SUPER creative – just look at this AMAZING cake, don’t forget the adorable cupcakes too!  Let me assure you they were super yummy!  Thanks guys, we loved being included in Jackson’s big day!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bee My Valentine

This morning Charlotte and I headed over to the Orlando Science Center for their Bee My Valentine Workshop. We LOVE their programs!

For this workshop, Charlotte made a butterfly snack – complete with a lesson on butterfly anatomy, listened to a lecture on bees and the honey making process – complete with honey taste test and a hands on “look” at honeycombs, made a love bug treat – and ate ALL the frosting “glue” to the other parents dismay!  She also made a bee “buzzer”, participated in a bee swarm parade and played all sorts of fun/educational games. 

We both had so much fun together.  Charlotte was silly and had me laughing all morning - I just LOVE spending time with her.