Thursday, May 28, 2009

Arabian Nights

Tonight a big group of my family
(Dad, Leigh, Erik, Sancha, Jake, Brennan, Wayne, Charlotte and I) were all guests of the Sultan at Arabian Nights. Going into this I figured our nephew Jacob would think the dinner show with spectacular horses, tricks and lights was great. But, I was only slightly hopeful that Charlotte would “get it” or even be entertained for more than an hour. Boy was I wrong. Charlotte had a BLAST. She started dancing with her hands in the air at the pre-show magic show. Wayne and I took that as a good sign but still kept our fingers crossed. Apparently we did not need to worry – she had an amazing time. Loved the music, loved the light show and kept pointing to the horses and saying “Oh”. She bopped in her chair and clapped her hands throughout the whole production. Wayne and I both enjoyed the show even more through Charlotte’s eyes and impressions.

We were also lucky to have the insight of my step mom, Leigh, who rides Dressage and was able to give us some info on the types of horses and trick being performed. Really helped you appreciate the hard work it is to train and ride horses like they do in the show.

The only catch and it was literally as the house lights were coming up –Charlotte threw up all her dinner. We are not sure if it was because we overfed her (Wayne and I both were “helping” her eat off our plates – in the dark – who knows how much she ate), she was over stimulated by the lights or if it was a reaction to her 15 month check up shots earlier in the day. Either way, once we got her cleaned up she was fine, tired but fine. Thank God we thought to bring her pajamas with us…

Thanks Dad and Leigh for including us – we had a great time with everyone!

Charlotte "Reading"

We like to give Charlotte books to “read” while she is riding in the car. Lately she has been acting like she is actually reading them by “talking” to the books and pointing at the pictures. We think she is a super genius!

By the way the adorable teeny tiny purple barrettes are gifts from Grandma. So far they are the only barrette type item Charlotte will allow us to put in her hair. So cute, thanks Grandma!!!

15 Month Stat Charts

Here are Charlotte’s fifteen month stat charts. I love being able to illustrate this info for everyone! With this chart it is easier to see that for weight Charlotte was born in the 94th percentile but at fifteen months she dropped (again) and is now in the 56th percentile. In length she has gone from the 77th percentile at birth to the 97th+ percentile at fifteen months - and above the curve. She continues to be a very tall and skinny little girl.

As always, you can double click on the images to see them a little larger and with more detail.

15 Month Doctor’s Appointment

Wayne and I took Charlotte to her fifteen month “well” visit today. Dr. Fisk said that she looked great and seemed pleased with all the new skills she has learned. She did have to have more shots but handled it really well.

Her height to weight ratio still has quite a gap and once we could see the numbers charted we were again concerned Charlotte might not be eating enough. Dr. Fisk was not concerned and said that she is well proportioned and healthy. We were also a little concerned about her vocabulary. Seems like she is learning new words all the time - not that she speaks them, just you can tell she know what you are talking about. However, when it comes to the words she speaks – she only says a few and sometimes she will say a word for weeks and then we never hear her say it again. Dr. Fisk was not concerned – thank God – he thinks she is actually learning so many words that she is more busy processing what she is learning and focusing on what the words mean just not on how to say them herself. Although he is not concerned, he still wants us to watch for any patterns in her new to old word usage for updates at her next appointment.

We don’t go back for another “well” visit until her eighteen month appointment in August – seems so far away. Charlotte has learned so many things just in the last few weeks – we can’t even imagine what new tricks she will have learned by then.

Weight: 23 pounds, 2 ounces (56th percentile)
Height: 33 inches (97th percentile)
Head Circumference: (55th percentile)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Congratulations Katie

Today we had a family gathering at my Dad’s house to celebrate my step-sister, Katie’s, graduation from UF. She is so smart she graduated summa cum laude in biochemistry and microbiology – she is amazing and we are so proud of her! Charlotte especially enjoyed playing with her Aunt Katie and Nonnie Marg, who gave her the neatest singing ladybug toy.

Tampa Work Weekend

To finish off our working weekend we spent a night at the Tampa Marriot Waterside. Charlotte really liked the rooftop pool, even though it was quite breezy. BUT Charlotte’s favorite memory will be napping with Grandma!