Thursday, May 28, 2009

15 Month Doctor’s Appointment

Wayne and I took Charlotte to her fifteen month “well” visit today. Dr. Fisk said that she looked great and seemed pleased with all the new skills she has learned. She did have to have more shots but handled it really well.

Her height to weight ratio still has quite a gap and once we could see the numbers charted we were again concerned Charlotte might not be eating enough. Dr. Fisk was not concerned and said that she is well proportioned and healthy. We were also a little concerned about her vocabulary. Seems like she is learning new words all the time - not that she speaks them, just you can tell she know what you are talking about. However, when it comes to the words she speaks – she only says a few and sometimes she will say a word for weeks and then we never hear her say it again. Dr. Fisk was not concerned – thank God – he thinks she is actually learning so many words that she is more busy processing what she is learning and focusing on what the words mean just not on how to say them herself. Although he is not concerned, he still wants us to watch for any patterns in her new to old word usage for updates at her next appointment.

We don’t go back for another “well” visit until her eighteen month appointment in August – seems so far away. Charlotte has learned so many things just in the last few weeks – we can’t even imagine what new tricks she will have learned by then.

Weight: 23 pounds, 2 ounces (56th percentile)
Height: 33 inches (97th percentile)
Head Circumference: (55th percentile)

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La Familia Crespo said...

She looks great!! I wouldn't worry about a thing!