Saturday, April 30, 2011

I Spy…Charlotte Having Fun With Daddy

Tonight, after dinner, Charlotte wanted to play with her I Spy Bag.  She very energetically bounced back into the dining room and asked if we wanted to play with her – so sweet.  Wayne took up the challenge and it was Game On! 

The I Spy Bag is something Charlotte’s found in her Easter basket this year.  Wayne and I also have a much smaller version for the toddler {diapers no more, you know?} bag.  Anyway the fabric bag has a clear vinyl “window” so that you can manipulate the rice inside to find each hidden treasure/artifact.  They also have laminated cards attached that show you what mystery items to look for.  {Charlotte calls that “The Map” a la Dora The Explorer}  The I Spy Bag is a little like a treasure hunt and so far it has been hours worth of fun! 

Tonight, with the addition of a magnifying glass Wayne and Charlotte picked up last week the hunt was REALLY on!  I enjoyed watching them play (very serious explorers) with fits of giggles and an “Ohhhh, Man” every few minutes.

By the way – I know Charlotte’s expressions are so animated that it looks like these photos were staged….but they weren’t.  She was just having THAT good of a time with her Daddy!    

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