Friday, November 21, 2008

Family Lunch

This afternoon we all decided to grab a quick lunch together, what a great opportunity with my little brother in town. Mom and I “take lunch” about four times a year and so I didn’t feel bad closing the office for an hour. Check out the CRAZY amount of food on this poor little table – four adults and three children were trying to eat all at once. We spent most of our time keeping Jake out of the play area so that he would finish his lunch first. Once he did her was like a monkey on that thing – all over the place. Please note the adorable look on Brennan, my nephews, face – Oh, and the “I CAN’T BELIEVE You Are Taking a Picture of This” look from my sister. Really her LOOK is the only reason I decided to Blog this at all. Being the family photo journalist is sometimes hard work! 

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