Saturday, November 22, 2008

Charlotte's Thanksgiving Dress

Tonight I finally
finished Charlotte’s Thanksgiving dress! This project was inspired by my friend, Cyndi, she made a similar dress (although not Thanksgiving themed) for her daughter, Daisy. Her dress turned out so ADORABLE and got me thinking. Because I decided not to use a pattern or really measure much (just kinda held up a similar outfit Charlotte is fitting into right now, which I thought would make it easier than using a pattern) things were a little more hectic then they really had to be. Anyway it was fun and now that I have it finished, I think I will try to make her more – should be a little easier the second time around! Maybe one for Charlotte’s first birthday?!? This is meant to be worn as a dress over an onesie but if Charlotte continues to be tall and lean she may be able to wear it again next year as a shirt!


La Familia Crespo said...

OMG Erin! This is beautiful! I really have to jump on this band wagon and learn how to use a sewing machine. Will you teach me?

The Chambers Family said...

Sure, not that I know that much - just kinda learn as I go! :)