Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lunch With The Girls

Today Charlotte and I “did lunch” with our friends Cyndi (mom), Daisy (baby), Sonya (mom) and Gabriella (baby). We had a really nice time and enjoyed watching the girls interact and share their snacks. Sonya was nice enough to share her latest creations with us, baby bows. They are SO ADORABLE and I really wanted to take more than one but did not want to seem greedy. Sonya, can I have another crack at them since I was so polite the first time around? Both Gabriella and Cyndi have lots of beautiful hair and so I thought it would be funny to TRY to stick all the cute bows in Charlotte’s “hair”. Strangely enough, it must be how Sonya made them; they stayed in her LITTLE BIT’O hair. These are some creative girls (Sonia made the bows and Cyndi inspired me to make a dress for Charlotte – more on that in a later post) and we even talked about making a Christmas craft after the Thanksgiving holiday. I hope we do – I have so much fun getting’ crafty! Charlotte tried a lima bean (thanks Cyndi) and some of my miso soup. She liked them both just fine. I missed getting a picture of cute Daisy, next time!

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