Friday, November 7, 2008

Play Date With Cousin Reid

Tonight we were able to meet up at Gwen’s (Wayne’s sister) house for dinner with Sonia (Wayne’s Mom), Elena (Wayne’s brother’s wife), Elena’s Mom, and little Reid (our nephew) – It was a FULL house. (Obviously they are my family too, I just wanted to make sure everyone knew where they fit in to our clan) We had such a great meal (thanks to Gwen and Sonia) and fun visit too. This is only the second time the cousins have seen each other and the last time they were only two and four months old. Obviously that previous visit was not as exciting then as they were only two and four months old at the time. We spent most of the night visiting with each other and watching the cousins interact – it was so cute.

As soon as we finished telling Elena how Charlotte did not like pacifiers right on cue, Charlotte took Reid’s pacifier and started sucking on it. Reid did not like that so I thought to be equitable I would give Reid Charlotte’s lovie. She did not like that and actually reached for it with so much force that she fell over and onto her back (still holding onto the corner throughout the fall)! We all thought this whole exchange was hilarious.

Here is some video of our all too short visit.

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