Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day from The Chambers Family!  

We started the day with having to wake Charlotte up…hum… THEN some of her first words were:
 “Mama, I’m gonna take a nap today”
What???  Oh no, our little girl MUST be sick!

And she is!  After doing the parental forehead temp test – VERY HOT – I just had a BAD feeling that Charlotte was too sick to go to school today!  BOOO!  I hated for her to miss her school Valentine’s and the candy and the fun..oh, and ballet too!  So, I moved forward with meds, teeth and hair brushing, potty, cute V-Day outfit with heat hair clip…etc.  Being the photo-holic that I am I insisted on a few pictures.  

Please note the puffy eyes and rosy cheeks!

Then I innocently mentioned to her that she MAY be too sick to go to school today, here is the reaction…the second before a MAJOR crying fit…poor baby!

So, I decided to take her to school - we needed to deliver the Valentines to her classmates anyway, right?  And, I needed to stop by work to pick up some work, right?  On the way – after listening to sniffles and coughing fits, I chickened out and called Wayne (who was already at work) so that HE could break the bad news to her!  He is such a great Dad!  Side note, that news coming from Dad was taken a lot better!  Hum?

Anyway, I really expected to have to DRAG Charlotte out of her classroom but she seemed to feel very important telling her classmates that she was sick and could not stay in class.  Her friends and teachers were really nice wishing Charlotte well and a Happy V-Day!

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