Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Craft: Sparkly Heart Garland

Here is what a trip to the Dollar Store, $5.00 in ribbon, glitter and crafty time will get you:

Sparkly Heart Garlands

True to form these days, this “simple” project took me over two weeks of after Charlotte’s bedtime to accomplish but they really did turn out festively adorable.  Think I like the red garland better and may attack the pink one next year with ribbons but for now, DONE!  

Gone are the days of lazing around looking for inspiration and then accomplishing my vision in one day…ahh parenthood and all the time requirements and responsibilities.  I would not change having my wonderful, sweet and smart baby for anything.  But if I could just eke out a few more hours a week to craft…well; let’s just say my mental health MIGHT be a little more balanced!  :)

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