Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Thought it would be fun to share the cards Charlotte gave to her friends (and some luck family members) this year. FYI - they are a little fuzzy if you enlarge (click twice) because I had to scan them into the computer.

We printed (you all know my terrible handwriting) each child’s name and added a red heart sticker, ribbon bow and a heart lollipop – Charlotte’s favorite – to complete the Valentine treat!

Anyway these photos were taken by my friend Hollie of Solei Photography and meant to be Charlotte’s two year old pictures. It just so happened that I really wanted to have Charlotte photographed in this gorgeous dress Aunt Sancha wisely convinced me to buy for her. And poof – they look like they were mean to be Valentine’s pictures. I have included a little slide show of some of the pictures Hollie took of Charlotte.

Our whole family had a great Valentine’s Day! Wayne brought BOTH Charlotte and I cards and flowers which was a real treat. Charlotte loved her mini purple tulips and kept asking to hold them. I wanted her to smell them but I think she thought I was trying to put flowers up her nose!!! She really gave us some funny reactions and faces with that. Wayne gave me two vases of flowers including my favorites, Gerbera Daisies. They are beautiful and with two arrangements I can enjoy pretty flowers all over the house. Charlotte and I bought Wayne cards and a Halo DVD collection that he has been looking forward to. Wayne and were also able to go out for dinner last night (thanks for staying with Charlotte Mom!) for a nice dinner at a local restaurant, Tuscany, we have been meaning to try for three years! It was fun, casual and yummy!

Ps – Later this afternoon my Dad was over for the kid’s joint birthday party and brought Charlotte and I Valentine’s flowers too! They are beautiful (Charlotte even got a small heart balloon – big hit) and I love that my Dad has included Charlotte in his tradition of gifting “his girls” with Valentine flowers. It’s always been very special to me that every year I received flowers from my Dad. Thanks Dad!

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