Friday, February 19, 2010

Our Little Chef - I Mean TORNADO

Tonight Charlotte made her own dinner – almost – all by herself. She really is a good eater (we are just waiting for the hammer to drop, when all she will eat are red foods) but one of the few foods she asks for is pizza. So, I thought why not let her make her own! Tonight Wayne had to work late so this experiment was a perfect addition to our “Girls Night In”. I gathered what I consider the most stress free ingredients – aka all store bought, nothing I’d slaved over – and as you can see from the pictures, Charlotte was a pro at making her own spinach and ham pizza. She even held the corner of the pan while she spread the tomato sauce. I confess, there was a demonstration of each step before Charlotte tried to do it her own way, then there was a teensy bit of “clean up” after she was done. But really she did most of the work and had a lot of fun.

So where is a picture of the final product, you might be asking? This is where the evening took a turn for the dark side… Once we were done making the pizza I was holding Charlotte in my lap and telling her what a good job she had done– when disaster hit in the form of Tornado Charlotte. She reached over my shoulder to “hug” me and grabbed my camera off the table, swung it around (can’t believe she didn’t smack me in the head) and THREW MY CAMERA AGAINST THE WALL. Yep, our six month old, rather expensive camera is TOAST. No final picture of Charlotte’s pizza masterpiece or any other pictures until we can figure out how to finance another one!!!

Back to the pizza – When it came out of the oven, Charlotte was all “ooh, ahh” but did she want to eat it? NO WAY! Once on the table she was all “yucky Mommy” and “no want it”. She DID want the pineapple I’d also put on her plate, to the tune of seconds and then thirds…kids! The best part though was reminding her that SHE had made the YUCKY pizza! She immediately patted my arm and said “Mommy did (sounds like DUDE) it”.

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The Parkers said...

oh no! that stinks about your camera!
thats fun that you let her make her own pizza!