Friday, March 2, 2012

St. Patrick’s Day Decorations

I LOVE St. Patrick’s Day! 

Maybe it's because green tops the charts as one of my favorite colors or because I feel a long-lost connection to my Irish roots. Eitherway, I just love St. Patrick's Day.  So as part of my No Holiday Left Behind proclamation, I started working on a few St. Patrick’s Day decorations.

Shamrock Door “Wreath – I took a Dollar Store tinsel shamrock, added a homemade banner (made in Publisher) laminated so that it would hold up outdoors and hung with an orange sparkly ribion I had on hand. 

Shadowbox Shamrocks – I started with an Ikea shadow box, purchased long ago for about $5 smackers, which was languishing in my garage. 

Added scrapbooking paper (also from my craft stash) and plastic glittered shamrocks I found and JoAnn’s for about $2.

Felt Chains: Count-Down To St. Patrick’s Day – These were made the same way I did the Valentine’s and Birthday banners.  All materials were on hand except the green hook and loop which I picked up at JoAnn’s for probably $2. 

Lucky Banner w/ Glittered Clothespins – I used Publisher to design the letters and then two shades of felt sewn together and pinked to create mini pennants – all of those materials I had on hand.  Then I found a set of medium sized natural clothespins at Walmart ($2) added glitter and ta-da!  I like it but think next year I will finish it off by sewing the penants onto patterned ribion and use the clothespins for “decoration”.  It needs to be more substantial.

I guess I should take credit for spray painting the pickle jar lids and filling them with plastic sparkled shamrocks and green “lucky” coins.  The various photos are ours and the word art from free online downloads.

Next year I’d like to print and frame more family pictures from past year’s celebrations.  Compared to Valentine’s Day these decorations are anemic but considering I started with nothing, it’s not bad!

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