Thursday, January 20, 2011

Playing (& Eating) With Colors

Tonight Charlotte asked if we could play a game before we read stories.  Thinking quick and with dessert on my mind I told her we could play color sorting!  I happen to have a stash of Sixlets candies in my baking pantry so we grabbed those and some small colored bowls and were off…

We started doing straight color sorting – orange, red, green.  Then we each choose a color and sorted only those colors.  Then we tried to show her how to make patterns but that really did not interest her – at that point all she wanted to do was EAT as many as she could fit in her mouth.  :)

Wayne came up with a great idea to have Charlotte find things in her room that were green, red and orange.  She did a really good job with this and we could tell she liked the adventure of looking for things.  At one point I told her that I was going to give her some clues to find something that was orange.  We went through all kinds of clues: it was orange AND white, fluffy, pretty big, polka dot…she was so excited when she discovered what I was talking about was her orange pillow.  Charlotte jumped up on her bed, grabbed it and started waving it around. 

Finally, we turned her attention to cleaning up her room and found one of Charlotte’s spoons from her play kitchen.  With that discovery Charlotte started using the spoon to scoop Sixlets from one bowl to the other.  Sometimes we had her do this trying to fill the spoon up, other times we challenged her to do it one at a time. 

It’s funny how a made up game on the fly can turn into something educational AND fun!  Plus she got to eat A LOT of candy…what’s not to like.

Then it was story time….

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Lauren Eddy said...

How fun!!! You are always coming up with fun things to do!! Can you send some of your creative vibes my way please!!! :)