Thursday, January 20, 2011

Giddy Up Ducky

Tonight after dinner, while Wayne and I were still sitting at the dinner table talking, Charlotte decided she wanted to take a ride on her rocking horse.  After a while we looked over and she had Ducky (now known sometimes as Lucy) riding the horse and she was telling him/her to “Hold On, Hold On”.  She then took the bridle and dragged him/her around the kitchen for a ride.  Every once in a while Charlotte would stop to adjust Ducky and tell him/her again to “Hold On”!  It was too cute.

You may notice the bandage Charlotte has on her knee.  Yesterday she fell (while running away from Nanny – when Charlotte was supposed to be walking WITH Nanny!!!!) pretty badly and ended up with some scrapes and her first real injury, a skinned knee.  She has been whiny and milking it a little but also pretty brave considering this is new to her.  Last night after Wayne cleaned her knee up with some hydrogen peroxide, she told us it was “stinging” but didn’t cry….then anyway.    

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