Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yummy Color Sorting

Today I planned for Charlotte to have a special dessert after lunch, and made her work for it a bit: M&M Color Sorting! Everyday Charlotte amazes us with the new words she uses (usually in context), her daredevil feats or the details she remembers but for some reason colors escape her. She is doing great with pronouncing the names of the colors and knowing that those names are for colors but does not really seem to have picked up which name goes with which color. Her default answer is always “yellow”.

We have been trying to work with her on colors recently and I thought this little game might have just the right kind of motivation! She started with a handful of M&Ms (specific colors pre-chosen) to go with matching bowls I even added a few brown M&Ms to throw her off. Once I told her she could eat the M&Ms after she sorted them into the color bowls (and showed her what I meant) …she worked quickly!

I have to say that hours later I am still surprised by how well she did, only a few were misdirected and those were red with orange or vice-a-versa. I really thought the brown M&Ms would throw her off but she just looked at them for a minute then gave them to me, Thank You Charlotte! She did have a lot of trouble with identifying the right color/name combination and only got the hang of it at the end. Looks like we have a lot of work to do so I am sure she will enjoy the dessert in the future.

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