Monday, June 14, 2010

Charlotte, The Muffin Maker

Most of you know how much I really like to bake. Until recent events I made breakfast bread or muffins once a week so that we had an “on the go” meal ready for the work week. I tried to incorporate Charlotte as much as possible in the baking process, unless I was behind schedule and baking at midnight…which happened more than I’d like to admit!

As part of “getting back on track” Charlotte and I sat down this afternoon to make Blueberry & Banana Muffins. Charlotte was a big help – she broke apart the bananas, helped pick out the biggest blueberries to wash and drain and generally poured in all the ingredients and mixed up the batter. I was really impressed that she restrained herself from eating any of the ingredients until it came to the blueberries, the last ingredient.

It’s been really neat to watch her stirring skills improve over the last few months. Unfortunately, Charlotte is getting to the “I CAN do it myself” stage which gets a little out of hand sometimes. We only had one mishap today – vegetable oil. Wouldn’t you know the messiest ingredient didn’t quite make it to the bowl….ugh! :) But Charlotte was good about staying still while I cleaned up both her and the spill!

I’d like to say that all turned out well but, I let myself get distracted during the baking process and the muffins burned quite a bit around the edges. (um, that is why I’m not including an “after” shot) So, Wayne improvised and just cut out the centers. I have to say they were YUMMY anyway and we managed to bribe Charlotte to eat more of her dinner by telling her she could have a muffin for desert!

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