Tuesday, April 6, 2010

M&M: Easter Party

This morning Charlotte and I headed over to Maite & Cristiana’s house for the M&M Easter Party! Kristin & Maite very kindly hosted this party for the kids and what a great time we had!

Charlotte fell in LOVE with Cha-Cha’s (Christiana’s) play house. Maite is so creative the house even had flowers planted outside with a kid sized rake, table, chairs, etc. – but you know it was the phone Charlotte was most enthralled with! At one point I asked her who she was calling and she replied “Monkey Joe’s”….oh my! Charlotte spent a good bit of time playing with Daisy and they even jumped on the trampoline after a little coaxing on my part. I was surprised to find that she was scared of the trampoline but she was fine once she tried it.

Charlotte was not really interested in the crafts – to my disappointment – and only wanted to sticker her hands into the egg dye. Ack! Of course she reached right over the light pink and yellow cups to put her hand into the DARK blue. :{ Kristin & Maite planned an adorable egg hunt for the kids but just like at her school egg hunt she was mostly interested in taking advantage of the other kids distraction. I was encouraging her to look for eggs and she was interested getting a turn on the swing (or play house phone or slide), now that it was empty. When she did finally get into the egg hunt she was such a little brat. She would shake each egg, then open them – if they held stickers she just threw it to the ground and moved on to the next egg. I of course was scrambling to pick up after her… If the eggs had candy, well that went straight into her mouth. I can’t tell you how many time I JUST caught her before she put a foil covered chocolate egg in her mouth!!!!

Thanks again to Maite & Kristin – we had a wonderful time and it was so kind of you to have us!

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