Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Morning

This morning we started our Easter celebration with Charlotte opening her basket from the Easter Bunny. The first thing she took out was a pair of bunny ears – she insisted Wayne wear them. He tried to turn the tables and get her to wear them but she resisted. It was a really funny power struggle with a lot of laughing.

Being the great dad he is, he promptly put them on, Charlotte was satisfied and went back to exploring her goodies. It so neat (and often frustrating) how determined she is sometimes.

In addition to play dough and candy filled eggs she also received two books and two DVDs (The Princess & The Frog and Up). Wayne and I are really looking forward to some new reading options at nap and bedtime. Even with her extensive book collection reading at least six books a day leads to a lot of overlap. Charlotte is not much into watching TV (unless it’s Yo Gabba Gabba, Jack’s Music Show or Olivia) so we think the DVD’s will be something for her to grow into. However, Wayne and I can’t wait to catch up on these movies as we missed them in the theater. ;) She loved the bubbles and play-dough tools and surprise, surprise; she can’t wait to go outside to play with them. We promised her we’d go outside when we go to Uncle Erik & Aunt Sancha’s house….later!

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