Saturday, March 20, 2010

One Sunny Afternoon..

This picture just makes me LAUGH! We spent some time hanging out in the back yard today and Charlotte, being Charlotte, had to have her accessories – Ducky and sunglasses. She trekked them all over the yard and spent quite a lot of time making sure they were “just so” whatever we were doing. For instance I was trying to get her to go down the slide with her hands in the air but that meant she would have to put Ducky down in her lap…think she went for it…NO WAY! Every time I brought it up or tried to show her how to do it – she said “NO Mommy, don’t want it!” If you have spent any time with Charlotte recently you know that she has gotten really vocal about what she wants and doesn’t want and is NOT afraid to put some oomph behind her words. She just gets louder and LOUDER! Ugh! Okay, what did she want to do? Take Ducky AND the sunglasses for a swing, of course!

[Have to make a side note here and thank my Dad and step mom, Leigh, for Charlotte’s swing. It took us FOREVER to get the back yard cleaned up and a swing set to put the swing on BUT as soon as we did, Charlotte was in HEAVEN! I should also thank Doug for finding the swing set {and getting us such a good deal} and Cameron and Vanessa for helping us put the huge thing together!]

We had a great afternoon…and Charlotte just cracks me up with her quirks!

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La Familia Crespo said...

Cristiana LOVES to take her baby for a swing as well. They're so funny at this age!