Friday, January 23, 2009

Visit with Liam & Lauren

Tonight my good friend Lauren (Ward) Eddy and her son Liam came over for a visit. Lauren and I have been friends since early high school and somehow managed to get married and have our first children within months of each other too. Lauren’s husband Matt (also a longtime friend) is in the Air Force and so they have been moving around quite a bit for the last few years. They came back to Orlando for a visit and so I FINALLY get to meet Liam in person!

We planned to get together, make dinner and just catch up. Well, we were having so much fun watching the kids and catching up we didn’t even make dinner until 10 pm! We got Charlotte to sleep in her swing and Liam in Charlotte’s crib – if we were not afraid we would have taken pictures of that too because they were adorable. All the adorable pictures really capture how much fun we all had visiting. Love you guys, thanks for a great night!!!

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