Thursday, January 22, 2009

Crafting: Birthday Party Goodie Bags

Well preparation for Charlotte’s first birthday party is well underway. For the last few nights I have been measuring, cutting and ironing fabric for goodie/favor bags. I am working with solid pink, pink with white polka dots, solid orange and orange with white polka dot fabric. Tonight I finally sat down to sew them all up! I was planning to use my sewing machine but luckily my mom offered me the use of her serger. This made the assembly 100x faster. I was actually a little surprised at how quickly things went and I EXPECTED it to go fast. Anyway, originally I was going to sew gussets into the corners so that the bags would stand up but after the initial assembly, I realized that gussets just made the bags much smaller – so the final goodie bags will lean instead of standing up by themselves – gotta craft on your feet. These pictures show the “wrong” sides “out” as I will turn them this weekend and iron them once more for the final step.

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