Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

So tonight Wayne, Charlotte and I met our friends Justin & Holly at Disney for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! We had a BLAST – even Charlotte. As most of you know I go bonkers for anything Halloween, well the tame, non gory, not TOO scary, campy Halloween type things! So, when my friends Holly & Maria told me about this event – I immediately wanted to go…and take Charlotte! :) Wayne and I really had the expectation that Charlotte might enjoy Disney for ten minutes and then freak out and we’d need to take her right home. I mean everything is kind of loud and bright (think fireworks and flashing rides) for a seven month old, but guess what – SHE LOVED IT! Horary! “Uncle” Justin and “Aunt” Holly helped us so much and we really appreciate the extra hands. As soon as we got into the park Justin just took over the stroller and led the way – as season ticket holders they also helped us navigate the park as it has been over ten years since Wayne and I had last been to the Magic Kingdom! Thanks guys – you ARE the best! We were a little like kids in a candy store – not really sure what to do first but finally decided on Pirates. It was the only ride Charlotte whimpered on and again we thought “Oh no, she is going to melt down at any moment”. But as soon as the pirates started to sing and the ride got a little brighter, she was fine and even started clapping her hands. Wayne had so much fun showing her all the different parts of the ride – he was the designated baby holder – and loved every minute of it. This was kinda the theme for the evening –

Wayne & I: Oh no, she is going to hate “so and so”
Charlotte: Happy as a lark, clapping her hands, kicking her feet and talking to everyone!

We also happened to see the Lillo & Stick Halloween Dance Party – after eating dinner all the sudden a stage show started with 50 kids learning how to do the Monster Mash – it was SO cute and Charlotte just clapped her hands and was fascinated by all the kids and flashing lights. It was such an eventfilled night, we also Trick-Or-Treated through the Mad Hatters Tea Party and of course the Haunted Mansion. My cousin, Amanda, was able to set us up for VIP parade seating and that was terrific! Thanks Amanda! The Headless Horseman started everything off with a speech RIGHT in front of us; his horse was just beautiful too! The only “damper” on the evening was the huge rain storm which really kept us from doing a lot of outside things and had the park pulling a lot of the characters inside too. Poor Charlotte had three “costume” changes just to keep her dry – but as usual she trooped through without a complaint. It was a late night for all of us, Charlotte fell asleep in the middle of the parade and after it was over Wayne and I decided to count our blessings and call it a night. I can’t wait for us to go again next year – I’d love to make this a family tradition!

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aww..sounds like a lot of fun!!