Monday, August 18, 2008

Charlotte's Dinner With Nanny

Today Wayne’s Mom, Sonia (aka Nanny), watched Charlotte for the day again. We are SO LUCKY, for the past few weeks she has been watching Charlotte once a week for us. It really has worked out great for everyone: Sonia and Charlotte get to spend more time together (sometimes Auntie Gwen visits too), Erin get more work done at her office, and Charlotte gets more one on one attention. We feel very lucky to have such great family support. We are getting Nanny set up with baby gear too; she already has a car seat base and now a door jumper too! Tonight after bringing Charlotte home, Sonia agreed to stay and have dinner with us. (Erin’s Mom was over too as she comes to help us and visit with the baby on Monday nights) Right about the same time, it was time for Charlotte’s dinner too so Sonia offered to feed her (peaches and rice/prune mix) for us. They both really seemed to have a great time, Charlotte just gives her Nanny such big smiles and wiggles her body to say hello. Enjoy the cute shots!

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