Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Learning What OVER TIRED Means

In the interest of full disclosure – Charlotte THREW A FIT today! Just thought everyone would like to know that we are blogging the real deal. Not every moment is adorable, just most! I got her home after our lunch with the Mommy & Me’s and all the sudden my angel was really unhappy. I have not heard her scream like that since she got her two month shots! It was horrible not being able to make her happy for almost two hours. I changed her diaper, tried to give her a bottle, rocked her, tried her swing, burped her, gave her a cold washcloth to chew on, sang to her, did some tummy time … then tried it ALL again – nothing. After the first hour I figured out that she was tired (once I really thought about it, she had only slept twenty minutes here and there today = no real nap ) but nothing I did worked! I eventually worked a burp out but that did not change her mood. Wayne finally came home and was able to wait her screaming and wiggling out! The picture is at the end of the battle when Charlotte finally succumb to sleep and cuddling with Daddy.

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La Familia Crespo said...

I know how that feels! But what a cute picture as the finale of the show :).