Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mommy & Me: Dexter's (WP)

Today Charlotte and I went to our LAST Mommy & Me class. Our speaker was a yoga instructor who showed us mom/baby yoga and baby massage. I especially liked the songs that went along with the baby yoga. Charlotte was smiling the whole time. Charlotte and her friend Christiana had a cute moment when the both were playing on the floor with the same toy and ended up holding hands. So adorable! Our last class was very sad for me because we have made so many friends I’d hate to lose touch with. Luckily, in August many of us will be moving on to the next class (for babies 6+ months, Charlotte will be a little young at five months) which is the Mom Baby Connection Class. After class quite a few of us went over to Dexter’s in Winter Park for lunch. As always we had a great time with everyone, so much in fact I forgot to take any pictures. Charlotte was an angel today and was happy to watch baby Daisy and flirt with Monica (Amelia’s mommy) while I talked with all the moms.

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