Thursday, July 10, 2008

Erin's NEW & IMPROVED Hair

So today, I did two great things: I spent some quality time with an old and very dear friend, Tahlia, and got my hair cut! Who better to do it than Tahlia, even if – sadly – she is across town. I have literally known Tahlia since kindergarten (she lived on the other side of the lake) and she has always been a fantastic friend – such a good spirit. So, knowing me for so long (aka over, ugh … let’s just say it’s been at least 20 years) she listened to my “I at least need a trim” and took it to the next level. Which is to say she took NINE INCHES off my hair, oh my! Usually crazy hair whims are par for the course (I did have black hair a few years ago) but lately I have been really wimpy. She convinced me I need something hip and more like my old pre baby self – she was right! So, this is it. Tahlia also (very diplomatically) made me promise to go blond again – she said we have more fun that way. I’m gonna work on the blond this weekend. Tahlia and I also had a great visit and I got the update on her two adorable babies – Jessie is eleven and Jackson is almost two! Time is really flying by; I guess we have been lax about keeping up with each other. However, I have found that the best friends, true friends, you can go a very long time without talking to or seeing them and then just slip right back as if no time has passed at all. With life pulling us in so many different directions, those are the kind of friends to surround yourself with.


La Familia Crespo said...

Ohh La La Erin! Very nice! I'm also in desperate need of a mommy haircut.

The Parkers said...

wow! love the hair!!

The Haynes Family said...

What a cute cut! I'll have to get her number- I need to do something with mine!! :)