Monday, May 28, 2012

Catchin' Toads

Friday night Charlotte was lucky enough to have a sleepover with her Whynot cousins.  She just loves spending time with those boys and was SO excited to go! Think dealing with a “are we there yet” mentality on the hour – almost every hour - for the last three days….ugh!  Anyway, Aunt Sancha is really good about planning special things for them to do when Charlotte sleeps over and Friday was no exception.  She went with an adventure/bug theme and the kids got their own pith hats, butterfly nets, small bug nets, critter keepers (see above) and glow in the dark bee/butterfly glasses.  I understand Uncle Erik took them on an expedition Saturday morning.  Those three had an awesome time together and Charlotte has been relating stories of their adventures that are so fantastical.  She sure has a huge imagination!

Lately Charlotte has been obsessed with the tiny baby toads we have in the front yard – hatched from the lake in our cul-de-sac.  Mostly she scares the poor things to death with her excited chasing {stomping} and yelling {screaming at the top of her lungs} at them.  It’s really kind of sad because she is so dejected when the toads run away and says “they don’t want to play with me”.  Oh, really?!?  I wonder why?!?

So, this afternoon I suggested to Charlotte that she catch a toad and put it in her critter keeper.  I’m so proud of her, she went right out and caught one and put it in the keeper all by herself.  Charlotte was not squeamish or put off at all and LOVED being able to watch the baby toad up close.  She even put it by her plate while she ate lunch....gross!

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