Sunday, October 30, 2011

M&M: Family Fun Fall Celebration

This year the Plumley’s (Haley’s parents) generously hosted our Mommy & Me Fall/Halloween party. 

They have hosted the party for the last few years and this time they chose to have the party at Stanley Pond Adventure Farm and what a great time we all had! 

Charlotte loved playing with her “old” friends and it is so sweet to see them enjoying each other. 

They bounced on a gigantic pillow (think huge open bounce house), rode horses, played on the play ground play sets, conquered Sand Mountain, rode the mini cow barrel ride, took the bee keeping tour, played on a giant tractor, etc. 

They had a great time, filled an afternoon with activities and we didn’t even get to all the fun things you can do there. 

Charlotte and I look forward to another trip to The Pond! 

Thanks again Blake, Julie & Haley for a great time!

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