Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Glittered Witchy Shoes (or Yucky Shoe Revamp)

Once Charlotte FINALLY decided to be a witch for Halloween, I started scouring the internet and local stores for the perfect costume, accessories and shoes.  Charlotte really likes the idea of being a scary witch.  We don’t really know why but I love working on a costume that will be something other than the cutesy witches you see little girls dressing as these days.  Well finding a scary (read: traditional) version was a lot harder than I expected; stores had hundreds of options that were too adorable, too hot for our climate or too expensive. 

We eventually found the perfect elements and with some added touches I really think the costume is going to be great.  Oh, I found her broom first thing so Charlotte was set – for her, not much else seems to matter!  Might have something to do with that children’s book Room on the Broom?!?  ;) 

The last thing to figure out was what she was going to wear on her feet.  I dreamed of getting her neat old fashioned, pointy toed boots.  Being the shoe-aholic that she is, that would have made Charlotte’s day.  BUT who can justify $40 for a three year olds costume?  Not us!  About the same time I was trying to solve the shoe dilemma, Wayne and I decided that a pair of Charlotte’s much loved shoes needed to be thrown away.  That’s when my crafty mind took over and I knew they could be repurposed into perfectly witchy shoes for Halloween.

Here is what I used to turn these yucky shoes witchy:  shoes, two plastic garbage bags, black spray paint, two paint brushes, Mod Podge, black glitter, orange glitter, plastic spiders, epoxy and Krylon Clear Coat.  I got lucky and had all of these elements on hand at home!

I did this over two nights to allow for dry time between spray paint and glue.  The glue/glitter mixture was applied in at least four coats to get the heavy coverage I was looking for but you could probably make it work with just two. 

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