Friday, September 30, 2011

Letter Recognition: The Letter C

Remember when I blogged HERE about Charlotte’s new homework scheme.  Well we finally finished letter C and I thought I’d show you some of the fun things we did to help Charlotte learn her letters!  As I mentioned in that other post, Wayne and I started with the letter “C” because we will work the alphabet with the letters in her name first.  Our lessons on this first letter went a bit longer than the two weeks we initially thought we’d spend.  Mostly because Charlotte (and okay, WE) were having so much fun with it and we weren’t quite sure when to move on! 

The best part about doing this has been seeing her interest and comprehension during these intent driven teachable moments.  You can see Charlotte’s pride when she gets something right and we are able to redirect her when she gets disappointed in herself and encourage Charlotte to try again.  She feels so important doing the homework and I know she likes spending one on one time with us, especially since Wayne and I try to make it creative and fun. 

We usually pick three or four things to do every other night or so.  Activities like coloring a picture of a Cat, decorating a letter “C” with stickers of items that start with the letter “C”, having a meal with only items that start with the letter "C” like chicken salad sandwiches on croissants with carrot sticks and chips or making a cat puppet.  We work on them for about thirty minutes or however long Charlotte’s attention span lasts, although we do try to complete whatever we are working on before we call it quits. 

Wayne and I have saved all of the worksheets, crafts/projects and will include an 8x10 collage of Charlotte working on these (much like the collages included in this post) for her letter book.  That way Charlotte can look back at the work she has done as she starts really focusing on letters in school. 

And now onto letter “H”!   

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