Sunday, September 4, 2011

Alphabet Bean Bags

This weekend I FINALLY got in gear on a project I have been thinking about for three months!  Over the last two weeks I gathered my supplies, cut out letters, etc. but this weekend I was determined to finish.  I DID IT - Alphabet bean bags for Charlotte!  


{Side Note:  Whenever I run into friends around town and we have not spoken for a few weeks, they invariably ask what is new with me.  We live a pretty normal, steady life – would not want it any other way – so it’s hard to report boring – if monumental events in our life – facts like “I FINALLY caught up on laundry.  Aren’t you jealous of my swinging life?”  What they should ask is what new projects I am working on, now THAT is a long list of exciting and ever changing goals.  Just sayn’}  

So, here is what I came up with using white felt, letter patterns from my computer, two super cute charm packs of fabric, beans and my sewing machine.  This is a time consuming project and I had many bumps in the road (how did I manage to break a needle at 1am?) but SO WORTH IT to see Charlotte’s excitement.   


Because I do a lot of crafty projects this scenario plays out quite often.  When the supplies start accumulating on the dining room table (in this case the sewing machine, fabric, etc.) – she immediately asks what I am making for her!  Until the project is completed, she circles me ten minutes or so like a shark, checking on my progress and trying to run off with unfinished pieces.  It’s a wonder I accomplish anything!  

Anyway, although so much of it had to be done during naptime or after bedtime, Charlotte was able to help fill the bags with beans.  I tried to keep my OCD under wraps …it was hard, beans were EVERYWHERE but she had a blast.  No matter how many times I told Charlotte they were dried beans she insisted that it was dirt and that she was playing in her garden!  

Here they are – all 26 uppercase letters!  

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La Familia Crespo said...

These are great Erin! I've seen then w/the colors but never the letters! I LOVE the patterns, you're so nifty and I don't even know where you find the time!