Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Daddy Fun Day

Today was one of those “missing” summer days where summer school is out but the school year has not quite started.  Wayne and I decided at the beginning of summer, when we discovered the lapse, that we’d try to take those days off of work to spend “special” time with Charlotte.  

Based on the state of my house this afternoon when I came home from work –I’m calling it "Knee Deep in Disaster" - today was a HUGE success.  Of course, I knew it was as soon as I opened my car door – another one of those awesome moments when I wish my brain could record those “moments” that I can never describe well enough to do them justice!  Le Sigh!  

Charlotte came running out of the garage, dressed literally HEAD to TOE in princess regalia and announced “Mommy, Daddy and I have been being married all day!”  I looked to Wayne for confirmation… “Um, yah.  We even had a wedding!!”  Ha, ha!  Wayne said they were playing with her dress up clothes and in the midst of a totally appropriate (according to Daddy – they had toy swords, enough said!) game of pirates when Charlotte found a veil her Grandma made for her last Christmas.  Apparently she turned right around with the veil on her head and announced they were having a wedding.  Charlotte went on to tell me about the rest of their adventures including their babies, a lion and a pig {of course}, with names like Baby and Boris.  One totally normal name for a three year old to choose and the other, just, WHAT?!?  ;)  She also told me they used the couch as a “car” in their pretending and when I came into the house she had Baby and Boris strapped into toy car seats on the couch..Too cute!

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