Sunday, August 21, 2011

Charlotte is a Penguin!

On Friday, Wayne, Nanny and I took Charlotte to meet her new teacher for the school year.  She was excited to meet her teacher and other classmates.  To be fair though, she spent much of the time playing with the dress up clothes, babies and shopping carts.  ;) 

Charlotte was happy to learn that her class this year will be the PENGUINS and her teacher sent home a little craft project, well I guess you could call it homework, for her to create and then return on the first day of school.  The instructions suggest encouraging you child to be creative and color or decorate the penguin anyway they want.  Figures that Charlotte was totally un-interested in doing anything other than playing with the glue stick and placing the pieces EXACTLY where they were supposed to be!   

Ps – The cute bee antenna Charlotte insisted she needed to wear to do this project – too funny – is from Granddad.  In addition to breakfast and fishing with him yesterday we also went to a Bee/Honey Expo.  Granddad very kindly bought Charlotte this super cute headband.  Thanks Dad, obviously she loves it!

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