Monday, July 18, 2011

Charlotte's Cutting Practice

This afternoon Charlotte asked me if we could do an art project…..ummm, right, I thought about that for two whole nanoseconds! 


Let me insert here in the spirit of FULL disclosure that it is my fondest wish that “Future Charlotte” will grow into a smart, feisty, happy, outgoing girl who just happens to LOVE crafting/cooking/baking with her Mama!  ;)  These early days feel a bit like training a sous chef.  But through the fun moments I think we are building up to a bright sunny day where we will be sitting at the crafting table together and I can ask her to pass the glue gun!  A mom can dream too, right?!?

So, today I pulled out a neat booklet I’d picked up at Target that helps kids with cutting practice.  (I feel like I am pretty okay with coming up with things for us to do on the fly but it is so nice to have ready-made projects, uh…at the ready.)   Anyway, Charlotte picked the rainbow picture and then the colors she wanted to use and we were off.  First things first, she needed to cut strips of paper and then cut those strips into tiny squares.  She was on it, with VERY little instruction.  The neat thing about this activity is that the rainbow stripes on the picture are actually contact paper, I know – genius, right?!?  Once she was done with the cutting, all Charlotte had to do was place the colored squares onto the paper to complete her pictures.  She had a BLAST and I did too!

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