Sunday, July 24, 2011

Charlotte Matches Her Name!!

While shopping at Target yesterday, Charlotte and I picked up some foam letter stickers from their dollar bin.  Last night Wayne and I had fun spelling short words for her with the stickers.  

This afternoon I needed to work on my computer and Charlotte wanted to get the letters out again.  I busted those foam babies out thinking I would be able to work on my computer at the same time.  On the fly I asked Charlotte if she wanted to spell her name and decided to write it out for her to “match” the letters.  I was hoping this would keep her busy for a while but she surprised me and worked through her name very quickly.  It was neat to watch her search the pile for the right letters, turning them around and holding them up to the paper.    Once she found a letter that she thought matched Charlotte would ask me if it was the right letter.  “J” for “L” and “Q” for “O” had her confused but otherwise she was amazingly fast.   

Once Wayne came home, Charlotte was so proud to show him what she spelled.  After dinner they worked on Charlotte's middle name, Morgan, and she impressed her Daddy then too! 

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