Monday, February 21, 2011

Charlotte’s Preschool Birthday Celebration

Charlotte was adorable at her school birthday celebration today, wearing her special Birthday hat.  I was so excited that SHE was so excited to see me, Charlotte RAN right to me as soon as I opened the door a gave me a huge hug.  Charlotte beamed when her classmates and teachers sang Happy Birthday to her.  I was wondering how she would feel about being the center of attention, since she can SOMETIMES by shy – but she LOVED it!  I brought cupcake shooters to school for her special treat and the kids were so cute eating them.  The girls (including Charlotte) took tiny bites and barely ate anything before it was time to pack them away to finish at home.  The boys ate them so fast some were done with theirs before I’d even gotten all of the cupcakes passed out!  

When the treats were finished and CLEANED UP – three year olds can be messy!  Mrs. Osborne, Mrs. Cannaday and I passed out the little gifts my mom and I had made.  They were mini versions of the party favor bags we did for her birthday party this past weekend.  However, my Mom was nice enough to use her spiffy sewing machine to embroidery all the kids (and teachers) names on the bags – how sweet!  We filled them with all kinds of candy and games too – hope they enjoy them!

It was so special to be able to go visit with Charlotte at school and to watch her interact with her classmates and teachers.  Charlotte had a great day and I felt so lucky to be a part of her special celebration.  Happy Birthday Baby!    

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