Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Charlotte's First Ballet Class

Tonight was Charlotte’s first night of Tu Tu Twos ballet class at the Centre for Dance and Performing Arts in Winter Garden. The studio is nice enough to offer free classes for two year olds. Since Charlotte loves to dance, the class is free and so many of her friends are also in the class I thought it would be a great introduction for her. They started off class by making little hearts on the studio floor with pink chalk and telling the girls to “find a heart” to sit on. We are really not supposed to take pictures of the kids IN class but luckily my friend, Melanie, was able to get a quick shot of Charlotte and her daughter (Miss Maya) right before class started.

This first night was a little hectic as there are at least 12 other girls in her class and that is a lot of toddlers and parents/grandparents/siblings in a small space. Hopefully things will settle down as the classes go on. Charlotte didn't cry when I left so I took that as a good sign that she was interested in checking the class out. She really seemed to like the class and was funny when I asked her what she did, did she dance? “No Mommy, I learned A dance” okay, still in the dark here but she was really adamant so I left it at that.

I really wish I had taken pictures of Charlotte trying on her dance clothes last night – she was in seventh heaven. She especially liked the leotards that had skirts and would run up to her mirror, and turn this way and that, checking herself out! Really funny…up until we needed to trade the leotards and ballet slippers for pajamas!

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