Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Swimming with Ducky & Baby...Plus A New Trick

This afternoon I took Charlotte out in the backyard to swim. Most of you know she has been insisting that Ducky do everything with her, including swimming – we devised a Ziploc bathing suit to make this possible. However, today she also wanted one of her babies to come swimming too. What a funny afternoon… I spent most of my time just watching Charlotte bustling around on her own agenda. At one point she grabbed her towel and wiped their eyes then she told them to “look at sky…smile” so she could take a picture of them with her play phone… adorable!

She really didn’t swim much today, just ran herd on her baby and Ducky. My favorite thing she did was say, out of the blue, “Oh, Baby you want go down slide? Okay, I hold your hand – be safe!” Then she took the baby up the slide steps one at a time before she said “Ready? Go!”

Oh yah, I was finally able to get a good video of Charlotte doing her new trick…saying “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” she is such a sponge!!!

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