Thursday, April 1, 2010

Did You Know Ducky Can Swim…

Unfortunately, Charlotte picked up a viral infection this week and Monday night she went to bed with a 102 fever. Over the last four days her fever has jumped back in forth between 100 and 104.6 – scary times for newbie parents! Last night her fever peaked and ALMOST could not be kept down even with medicine. Wayne and I spent the night up with Charlotte trying to keep her cool, happy and hydrated – against her wishes. We were very close to taking her to the hospital but luckily she never quite reached the threshold and our Doctor recommended we wait it out…all night long!

Anyway, during these last few days Wayne and I have noticed an increase in Ducky’s role in our everyday lives. Starting Monday night at Monkey Joe's – Ducky HAD to go on every ride [usually we can get away with leaving him in the car] then he needed his own booster seat at dinner [and Charlotte argued he needed his own cup and plate…]. Charlotte has also started blaming Ducky when she does something she is not supposed to do or saying Ducky is scared when she hears a fire truck siren, and even telling us he has boo-boos and doesn’t feel well. Since Charlotte has spent most of her days lounging around, it will be no surprise to you that Duck also needed his own blanket, pillow, socks and MEDICINE? When we insisted she eat SOMETHING, Ducky took the lead there too. Apparently today during her visit to the doctor Ducky was being consoled with stickers and Charlotte telling him “No owies Ducky, no owies”.

With all that it should not have been a surprise to me that she wanted Ducky to take a bath with her tonight. Usually we can distract her from this idea or appease her by leaving Ducky on the counter in the bathroom. NOT TONIGHT – Ducky HAD to go swimming with Charlotte. I could feel an argument brewing and felt a little sorry for her (she is STILL feverish) so I told her Ducky had to wear a bathing suit {aka Ziploc bag}. She LOVED that idea and off we went…I took a few pictures of their bath. Charlotte really liked washing, rinsing and dunking him in the water but insisted the only toys she/he wanted to play with were the rubber duckies – so cute!

After the bath was over I asked Charlotte, as we do every night, if she wanted to be a butterfly or a frog {hooded towels}. “Charlotte butterfly, Ducky frog!”


La Familia Crespo said...

OMG Erin! That's just too funny! I can't believe she's already trying to put the blame on "someone" else! Poor Charlotte, I remember a time Cristiana had a fever that high and we were also very scared and told as well to wait it out since she was acting her normal self, for the most part. Feel better Charlotte!

The Parkers said...

this is soo sweet. hope she is feeling better!!