Monday, March 8, 2010

Good Luck Katie!

Tonight Charlotte and I headed over to my Dad’s house for a send off party for my step-sister Katie. Katie is going to India for the next three months to study Yoga and to travel the country.

For the party everyone made Indian dishes to share and it turned out to be quite an experience! Everyone really outdid themselves with neat and authentic recipes. My sister, Sancha, and my Mom even made trips to several Indian grocery stores to find the “right” ingredients. In my opinion Indian food tastes better than it looks and much of it is too spicy for my wimpy tastes. However, there were quite a few stand outs from our potluck dinner; my favorite dishes were the Curry Chicken (yumm-o, Katie) and Nan bread (yumm, Mom).

I made Barfi which is an Indian cookie-ish desert and tastes MUCH better than the name would lead you to believe. Not only is it good the finished product is supposed to look like a slice of watermelon – obviously it’s adorable.

Except for the abundance of nuts (Cashew and Pistachio) and a little sugar it seems like it would be pretty healthy, maybe even a more natural protein bar substitute? Okay, that might be a little wishful thinking…

We always have so much fun hanging out with family and tonight was no exception. It did have a sad note, saying goodbye and good luck to Katie. Have so much fun and be careful Katie!

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