Thursday, December 24, 2009

TBLF Annual Christmas Eve Breakfast

This morning Charlotte and I headed over to The Brennan Law Firm for their annual Christmas Eve Breakfast. They always invite past employees to join the celebration, plus I’m family so it’s not like they can shake me anyway. :) After a very yummy breakfast Sancha broke out the annual Christmas quiz. She creates a quiz for the attendees and the winner gets a great prize. It’s always fun to do the quiz because everyone takes it very seriously and really tries all month long to get Sancha to slip the “subject” of the test. This year she based the questions on a new Christmas cartoon “Prep & Landing” – which threw a lot of people because not many had seen it yet. It’s a great cartoon and I’m happy to add it to my collection of holiday cheer and tradition. Anyway, back to the quiz – I WON!!!! I guess it’s only fair to admit that I watch all sorts of Christmas DVDs starting December 1st each year – it’s kind of a sickness and sometimes gives me an edge on the annual quiz! Charlotte really enjoyed coloring with the other kids and opening her gift from TBLF – a Christmas light necklace that really lights up!

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