Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Ashlyn

This morning Charlotte and I helped Ashlyn celebrate her 2nd birthday!

Ashlyn is one of Charlotte’s friends from Mommy & Me and, so, they have know each other most of their lives – funny to say about two year olds! Anyway, Charlotte had a great time playing with the other toddlers at the party. At one point Ashlyn and Charlotte pulled chairs over to the door of the glassed in porch to sit down together. I watched in amazement (forgot to take pictures) as they sat in front of the door and treated the glass inset like a TV. A dog was running back in forth in front of the door (wanting someone to let it in) and the girls were gesturing to each other and talking about the “doggie” being “outside”. It was so cool! We had a great time, Happy Birthday Ashlyn!

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