Saturday, May 23, 2009

Visit to Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo

WOW – what a fun filled day! Today Charlotte, Mom (Grandma) and I spent the day at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo. There is so much to see but we were only able to visit a few of the exhibits due to time, weather and Charlotte’s nap schedule. We did stop off at the Jungle Carousel but only had enough time to snap one quick picture before the ride was shut down due to weather concerns. We were mostly happy that the rain forced us to take a break; cool off and also gave Charlotte a chance to play in the rain. We were also able to have a close encounter with one of their giraffes, Bruno. In the giraffe exhibit area there is a raised portion, about head height to a giraffe, where you can offer them rye crackers and the giraffe will take the crackers right from your hand. Charlotte and I both LOVED this experience. Bruno was so close to us and I was amazed by how gently he took the crackers from my hand.

Here is a list of the different exhibits and the animals we got to see:
  • ASAIN GARDEN: Bearded Pig, Clouded Leopard, Babriusa, Sloth Bear, White Tigers, lorikeet Landing (visited with Grandma), and a Komodo Dragon.
  • SAFARI AFRICA: African Penguin, Warthogs, Thomson’s Gazelle, African Elephant, Giraffe (Bruno) Feeding station, Grant’s and Grevy’s Zebras, White Rhino’s, Shoebill Stork, Secretary Bird, Cheetah, Striped Hyena’s, Okapi, and Pygmy Hippos
  • WALLAROO CHILDREN”S STATION: Koi Pond, Emu, Bat Aviary, Bushland Budgies, horses, Palm Cockatoo, and Ducks.
We had a great day together. Charlotte seemed most impressed with the bird exhibits – all of them. We can’t wait to come back for another visit – there is SO MUCH we still want to see.

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