Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Gabriel

This afternoon, less than thirty minutes after Charlotte and I returned from St. Augustine, we picked up Wayne and were off to help celebrate Gabriel’s birthday. Luckily Gabriel’s parents did an “override” on his “No Charlotte” decree, plus he seems to have forgotten that pesky cheese cake ugliness. :)

Ryan & Carrie held the birthday at Lake Mary 's Trailblazer Park and can I just say WOW. Such a cool park, what a great party and FOUR dozen cupcakes – amazing! The party was so much fun and had every possible entertainment for the kids: bubbles, water guns, volleyball, piƱata, water balloons, swings, slides, jungle gym – everything!

Charlotte made friends with another toddler, Ava, and they had a little pretend water gun cartel moment with Charlotte trying to hand Ava as many water guns as the little girl could hold. It was about this time that Gabriel discovered their game and declared “Charlotte got her cooties on my water guns” and ran away. Way to go Charlotte, ruin the kids birthday party! Happily oblivious to the ruination of any possible future friendship with Gabriel (I mean really first his cake, now his birthday party games?) Charlotte proceeded to take all the water guns away from Ava and put them back in the bucket…off to the next adventure…the jungle gym.

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