Saturday, May 9, 2009

Charlotte The Daredevil

This afternoon while Wayne and I were playing with Charlotte in the family room we got a taste of the new and improved TODDLER Charlotte. AKA Daredevil!
Charlotte decided, while playing in our peripheral, that she could and WOULD climb on top of her little music table which is about two feet off the ground. The first time she climbed right up without any problems and was STANDING on top of the table before we (sitting three feet from her) even realized what she was doing. Being the terrible parents we are we (okay, it was mostly me) pulled her table front and center so that I could get some video of her doing this amazing trick. In the video that is included she struggles – just a little bit - to get up. However, the FIRST time she did not struggle AT ALL – promise!

Don’t worry – we took the legs off the table right after I was done recording.


The Parkers said...

how funny, haidyn just climbed on hers today!

La Familia Crespo said...

Isn't it scary when they start doing all this stuff. Sometimes you wish you could just safety net the entire house.