Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Administrative Professionals Day

This afternoon Charlotte and I surprised my Mom (and Executive Assistant) with flowers and a lunch invitation to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day. Since I had previously planned to take the day off of work – not realizing at the time it was APD – I went ahead and made the surprise plans and pretended that I did not remember that the day I was going to be off, was special. Anyway, Charlotte and I surprised my Mom with purple (her favorite color) and white flowers at the office. She was SO surprised and Charlotte just loved her reaction. Grandma decided that she was in the mood for seafood so we drove on over to Red Lobster for a festive lunch.

During lunch Charlotte was getting a bit restless – seems to be an “all the time” affliction these days. Grandma was using her own drink and trying to show Charlotte how to drink out of a straw. Well Charlotte just kept biting the straw really hard and then she would pull it out of the glass and poke herself in the eye. Poor kid! Grandma did eventually offer Charlotte some ice tea out of a “big” glass and to say Charlotte enjoyed it would be a HUGE understatement. As lunch went on she just kept asking sip after sip until MOST of the drink was gone. What’s wrong with giving you child her entire week’s worth of sugar intake requirements in on hour??? After all the tea was gone Grandma taught Charlotte how to pat her lips with a napkin - Charlotte thought that was hilarious and kept doing it over and over!

After our delicious celebration lunch we went outside to try and get a picture of Grandma and Charlotte. Unfortunately, the “wiggles” kicked back in and Charlotte was not cooperating. Mom was SUCH a good sport and it really was too bad annoying that Charlotte would not cooperate because so many of the pictures of my mom are Fantastic!

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The Parkers said...

what a special day! and i know what you mean about the pictures! its so hard to get good ones these days!