Sunday, April 12, 2009

Charlotte's Easter Basket

As you can see Charlotte really enjoyed her first Easter! Last year she was so little and we barely had our heads on straight so this is the first year she had her very own Easter Basket.

The Easter Bunny brought her marine animal bath toys, bubbles, a bunny clacker book, sidewalk chalk, white chocolate bunny, crayons, bead necklaces, socks, an Easter flip book, a turtle finger puppet, plush bunny and an egg shape sorter/matching game. Charlotte also received a new set of play car keys to replace the ones she got in her stocking at Christmas. That first set mysteriously ended up in the toilet - good thing for Charlotte that Santa and the Easter Bunny are friends.

Charlotte had so much fun getting into her goodies but Daddy wearing her bunny ears was what made her laugh the most! Thanks again to Uncle Erik and Aunt Sancha for the adorable pj’s – you can’t tell in the photos but they have a little bunny on the shirt – perfect for Easter.

We can’t wait to have Charlotte play with the sidewalk chalk and crayons – this is just such a fun age and watching her discover new things makes our day!


La Familia Crespo said...

Great the bunny ears Wayne!

The Parkers said...

haidyn got those same bunny ears!